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Big and Rich Play Seattle, WA - Meet and Greet with KMPS RadioGarth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood Play Boston 2014Art for Life Philadelphia Gala -Danny Simmons with Angela,Vanessa Simmons & Jo-Jo SimmonsSpartan Race Tri Cities New Jersey2012-04-12 - Merle HaggardChuck Norris - WRC Newsroom - "Sidekicks" Movie Promotional Tour 1992Danny SimmonsDennis Miller & Mark Steyn - Adorable Deplorable TourHaggard Bros with the StrangersScotty JossNew York City - Under Covid-19 2020-04-05Chuck Berry Rock N Roll HOF Tribute (Merle Haggard Image Used)20181103 - Lezlie Harrison & Dylan TaylorNoel Haggard, Ben Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, Scotty JossVancouver Convention Center - TED 2019Jake Owen Plays DelawareArt for Life Philadelphia Gala - Guthrie Ramsey and StudentsSpartan Race IcelandMoraine Lake | Alberta CanadaUrsula Rucker & Dylan Taylor